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Why Choose Lotus Place Recovery

Self-Acceptance Program (SAP)

Lotus Place Recovery’s core foundation is the Self-Acceptance Program uniquely designed by Heidi Wells, Clinical Director and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, whose extensive background in diversity and trauma recovery contributed to the formulation of a program tailored to address the needs of the substance abuse community. The Self-Acceptance Program seeks to increase client awareness of the Self (strengths and challenges) while decreasing negative belief systems that mediate the daily functioning experience and contribute to chronic relapse and self-destructive behaviors. This is accomplished by facilitating trauma resolution; deconstructing negative self-concepts and helping clients discover their unique journey to healing the Self while maintaining long-term sobriety.

Impact of Trauma on the Self-Experience

The impact of unresolved trauma is a pivotal component of the healing process for the LBGTQIA? community. Trauma is often multi-layered and related to internal and external contexts which influence self-destructive behaviors that often perpetuate chronic relapse, impulsivity and sexual acting out.

Deconstructing the Critical/Negative Self

Understanding the underlying schema of negative self-worth is critical to emotional health and the ability to have positive, reinforcing relationships with others. The beginnings of shame, self-loathing and negative automatic thoughts are deconstructed to increase awareness and elicit positive change and growth. Sexuality, gender identity and gender expression are explored to deepen self-awareness and acceptance.

Pathway to Healing

Self-Acceptance as a foundation for healing is multi-faceted and targets key areas of development in both skill level and emotional growth. Coping skills are increased to improve creating safety and boundaries with others that are healthy, thus improving overall self-esteem and confidence to move forward outside of treatment.

Lotus Place Recovery Services

  • Trauma & PTSD Resolution
  • 30, 60, 90 Day Programs
  • Structured 12-Step
  • Certified Anger Management
  • Spirituality
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Music Therapy
  • DBT, CBT, Resilience Therapy
  • Individual Weekly Therapy and Case Management
  • Life Planning / Job Search
  • Family and Couples Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Codependency
  • Community Resources
Lotus Place Recovery Services

Meet Lotus Place Recovery

Trauma & Addiction Specialists

Lena Fancher, CEO/Executive Director Lotus Place Recovery

Lena Fancher

CEO/Executive Director

Lena Fancher is a Certified Drug an Alcohol Counselor, holding a certificate through CADACi and has worked in the field of recovery for the past six years.

Heidi Wells, Clinical Director Lotus Place Recovery

Heidi Wells

Clinical Director

Heidi Wells is the Clinical Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #49085). She brings expertise in the area of trauma, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, PTSD, mood and anxiety disorders.

Lotus Place Recovery Testimonials

Being a client at Lotus Place Recovery has been one of the biggest blessings I have received thus far in my 26 years of life. I highly recommended Lotus Place Recovery to anyone who needs a safe place to launch into sobriety. I came into their IOP/sober living 7 months ago with an opiate and alcohol addiction. Prior to entering treatment, my long-term boyfriend lost his life to the disease of addiction. I was devastated. I had lost my ability to cope. My depression was crippling; my grief paralyzing.

I chose to come to Lotus Place in the darkest hour of my life. I had been a client here prior and knew that at Lotus, I would have my best chance at attaining sobriety. The clinical and operational staff here are client-oriented. They make treatment plans that are beneficial to each client’s unique needs. I trust their helpful advice and professionalism.

The healing I’ve experienced at LPR has been greater than I ever imagined possible for the situation I was in the day I arrived. I have learned real life skills here and have come to realize that long term sobriety is possible for me. I have found my ability to cope. My depression is now manageable, and I have come to a point of acceptance with my grief. I am thriving and feel more whole than I have ever felt since I was a child. The ride through sobriety is bumpy, but the landing into salvation is worth all the work. Thank you, Lotus Place Recovery, for holding my hand through this process and being my compass on this journey.


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