Over the course of many years, there has been a significant and undeniable connection or link between trauma and addiction. Does Trauma invite addiction into our lives? Does having a certain lifestyle set us up for experiencing more traumatic occurrences? Perchance trauma and addiction become a situation which is impossible to say which two things caused the other one, like a chicken and egg situation. The topic of trauma and addiction has a considerable amount of misconceptions, so here are three truths on the subject.

Truth #1: Pretty Much Everyone Has Trauma

Here are a few traumatic emotional events one might experience in their lives:

– Abuse: physical or sexual

– Divorce

– Job loss

– Medical diagnosis

– Death of a loved one

– Unhealthy relationships

…. and these are just a few

Truth #2: “Perfect” Childhood’s Can Still Have Trauma

This is a truth of much controversy. However, you can have a “great, or perfect childhood” and still battle with trauma. Often, we witness people who experience these types of childhood are ashamed. This is because they grew up in an environment which exerted physical comfort, but still encounter a deep-seated hurt whether emotional or mental. Of course, individuals who grew up in a poverty inflicted environment will have a different type of “hurt”. But that doesn’t have to mean that your “hurt” doesn’t matter or is irrelevant.   

Truth #3: You Hold the Power to Set YOU Free

Healing from trauma and addiction means that you must change how your consciousness is holding onto those incidents. This is where your beliefs in yourself kick in. Our beliefs whether in our strength to overcome or fall back have the ultimate power to keep us cemented or set us free. For example, if you’re someone who can’t find happiness and believes that your trauma is making you a victim, then you will continue to follow that path.

But if you decide that you are tenacious and capable to overcome and go after what you want in life…

Then you’ll find a path that reflects that belief.