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IOP and PHP at Lotus Place Recovery

Addiction Treatment Programs at Lotus Place Recovery in California

Orange County and Southern California in general tend to offer many more addiction treatment programs than most other regions nationwide. From residential or inpatient drug rehab centers to intensive outpatient (IOP) services and more, the options are plentiful, but what about their levels of effectiveness?

Often times, when dealing with traditional inpatient or outpatient treatment center models, the overall level of effectiveness can come out to be lower when looking at the long-term success rates, and Orange County, CA is no exception to this reality.

PHP (Residential-Style Treatment)

The PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) addiction treatment program is something we highly endorse here at Lotus Place Recovery, in additional to outpatient treatment. Our PHP approach enables clients to receive a level of care that is similar to a residential addiction treatment setting, whereas they receive licensed quality drug & alcohol rehab services during the day and live in a structured housing environment at night, as well as all other times outside of treatment hours. The PHP option is in addition to our standard outpatient treatment program for those needing to maintain their outside life responsibilities, such as work, school, family, etc.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment)

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs are helpful for those recovering from an addiction that may not be able to commit to an inpatient program due to work, family, or other restrictions, or do not meet the criteria for an inpatient level of care. When a client chooses intensive outpatient treatment they are choosing to seek quality recovery services for their addiction all while maintaining some freedom in their work, school, home life and so on. An IOP is commonly the next step for anyone newly out of an inpatient of residential treatment setting, helping to provide stability and continuity in one’s journey towards sobriety. Here in Orange County, and Southern California as a whole, there are quite a few outpatient programs, however most do not offer a corresponding PHP option that provides clients with an inpatient treatment type of setting.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) Benefits

  • Intensive Outpatient Program’s (IOP) extensive treatment schedule helps clients have positive outcomes for their addictions recovery.
  • Clients have the ability to return to or continue work provided they meet weekly minimum hours of treatment.
  • Clients have access to a wide array of support from the addiction treatment facility. This can include medication management, individual treatment, family therapy, Couples therapy, and evaluations, assessments and other clinical service provided by licensed medical staff.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs offer clients the ability to practice the coping skills learned in a safe, real-world environment.
  • Clients enrolled in these programs have a lesser chance of relapse than those who choose to abstain from treatment programs, increasing chances for maintained sobriety.
  • Clients work closely with a highly skilled counselor and therapist throughout the duration of their recovery.

More Information on Addiction Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment addresses the same issues and disorders as inpatient approach, but it allows patients and their families to seek proven treatment while maintaining their stable home environments and schedules. Outpatient process includes a variety of programs in which the client visits the facility for treatment at regular intervals weekly. This treatment typically consists of counseling (individual and case management), and group sessions. Outpatient clients have typically acquired the skills to maintain sobriety, and are working, going to school or having returned home.

Clients in our Outpatient Program attend 3 hours of treatment per week, (individual therapy session, 1 case management session and 1 group). Clients gain support for continued sobriety, reinforce emotional strengths and gain stronger coping skills as they work towards transition to independent or sober living. Clients also focus on relapse prevention skills to further sustain their sobriety.

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