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Treating Anger at Lotus Place Recovery

Anger Management Treatment at Lotus Place Recovery in Orange County, CA

Lotus Place Recovery in Orange County, California provides clients with a structured approach that addresses the angry feelings associated with daily life stressors and more challenging situations. Our credentialed 10-Week Anger Management Course give those working towards sobriety the principles to help them become more aware and confident in managing and responding to anger. Clients learn information and strategies for dealing with anger’s related emotion, shame, including ways to eliminate shame- based discipline approaches, and replace them with methods that protect and promote relational and emotional health in adults.

This Anger Management course created by Tony Fiore, Ph.D. and Ari Novick, Ph. D. Anger Management For the Twenty- First Century, utilizes 8 core skills shown to be effective for both voluntary and court mandated participants of anger management. Clients learn how anger is triggered, what is occurring in the brain, the body and emotions as anger reaches the level of reaction or response. Each tool is designed to empower the client with the ability to recognize and manage anger in a healthy non-reactive way. Clients participate in self- assessments to increase insight, while learning the importance of communication, personal responsibility and other relative tools. The course is open- ended allowing a client to enter at any time in their treatment.

Our 10-week credentialed Anger Management course is led by Barbara Phillips, RAS, AMP,CRPS, who holds over 25 years in the treatment and recovery field. Barbara is a Level II Credentialed Anger Management professional and leads our weekly groups that include assignments for clients to work on in their down time.

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