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Anger Management

Anger, a well-known term whether it is full-fledged rage or a fleeting issue. It is a normal, healthy, human emotion, but can turn destructive and lead to all sorts of problems. These problems can affect our personal relationships, work performance and our overall...

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The Critical Inner Voice

What is the Critical Inner Voice? It is a well-integrated pattern of detrimental thoughts about us and others around. Some know this as the “nagging voice” that creates an internalized dialogue which is commonly at the root of many of our self-destructive habits and...

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California Leads the Way

If you’ve been following along with California’s news you’ll see that this fall California’s public-school systems will for the first time have access to 10 state approved history textbooks that will include input of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans,...

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Is Pride Relevant in 2018?

It’s a day of excitement, glitter, signs, glorious outfits. It’s also a day of protest, of the continued fight against discrimination, exclusion and constant judgement. Everyone deserves to feel respected and safe. No one should ever feel afraid to express who they...

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5 things to know about recovering from addiction

There are a variety of aspects to addiction recovery that many addicts do not expect, especially if you have taken many measures to feel prepared before taking the plunge to sobriety. To help stay on track here is a compiled list that recovering addicts should know...

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LGBT Community and Dating Apps: Refuge

There’s no refuting that technology has had an incredible impact on our daily lives, from grocery pickup to looking up that one famous person’s name in seconds. Maybe one of the more favored ways is through our smartphones in the sphere of romance and dating.  Popular...

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LGBT Health Care: Less than mediocre?

A child that is gender-diverse can reflect her or his gender identity. The child’s family doctor reports them to Child Protective Services. A transgender woman fractures her leg and enters emergency room for immediate treatment. Shortly after arriving at ER,...

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3 Truths of Trauma and Addiction

Over the course of many years, there has been a significant and undeniable connection or link between trauma and addiction. Does Trauma invite addiction into our lives? Does having a certain lifestyle set us up for experiencing more traumatic occurrences? Perchance...

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How and why does trauma and addiction affect LGBT?

The statistics for trauma, alcoholism and drug addiction are significantly higher among the LGBT than with other individuals but why and how are they affected? According to Social Work Today, national research efforts demonstrate that drug...

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