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3 Truths of Trauma and Addiction

Over the course of many years, there has been a significant and undeniable connection or link between trauma and addiction. Does Trauma invite addiction into our lives? Does having a certain lifestyle set us up for experiencing more traumatic occurrences? Perchance...

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How and why does trauma and addiction affect LGBT?

The statistics for trauma, alcoholism and drug addiction are significantly higher among the LGBT than with other individuals but why and how are they affected? According to Social Work Today, national research efforts demonstrate that drug...

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Learning to Accept Yourself While Recovering from Trauma

Victims of trauma may tend to blame themselves and thus may experience depression, anxiety or other mental illness which can be healed during recovery. Many alcoholics and drug addicts blame their addiction on past trauma and use/drink as a way to cope....

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How the LGBTQA community is dealing with the opioid crisis

As America is wheeling to find ways to combat the opioid crisis, see how the LGBTQA community is coming together to help its own with addiction recovery… The opioid crisis continues to spread across the United States throughout so many communities, including the...

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Healthy, Happy & Sober New Year from Lotus Place Recovery

Best wishes for a joyous and sober new year to the staff and clients of Lotus Place Recovery. We are grateful for the lessons of this past year and look forward to 2018… The year 2017 undoubtedly brought a number of challenges and experiences, especially for those in...

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LGBTQ Addiction Treatment and Substance Abuse

With so many drug and alcohol centers in California, finding LGBTQ addiction treatment & substance abuse recovery resources may provide the key to sobriety… Substance abuse problems among the LGBTQ community are estimated to be more than twice the nine percent rate in...

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Congratulations To Danica Roem On Her Election Victory!

Social barriers were broken when Danica Roem became the first openly transgender elected official in Virginia defeating incumbent delegate Robert Marshall Lotus Place Recovery gives a big congrats and shout out to Democrat Danica Roem for winning the 13th district of...

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