If you’ve been following along with California’s news you’ll see that this fall California’s public-school systems will for the first time have access to 10 state approved history textbooks that will include input of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, as authorized by the new state law. Cue the predictable outrage.

California tends to be one of the first states to pass a lot of progressive laws and that is primarily because of the diversity. This law passed in 2011 and went into full effect in 2012. However, it wasn’t until this past year that the Department of Education in California approved the history textbooks. Schools are not obligated to purchase these books, but are required to teach about the history of LGBT Americans to all grade levels (elementary, junior high and high school grades).

This is great news for the LGBT community! We can now finally mention greats like astronaut Sally Ride who was a known lesbian with a partner of 27 years as well as poet Walt Whitman and social worker Jane Addams. It is this type of information that can benefit students campus wide. It is simple and factual that LGBT people have undeniably help shape the history of our country.

The Illinois Senate passed a similar bill this year. Supporters of this law can only hope this will inspire other states to adopt such legislation and rid the “no promo homo” laws.