What is Holistic Nutrition?

Trained professionals in holistic nutrition approach healing and health from a person perspective. They use nutritional education as a lead tool and emphasize on building health and disease risk-reduction by approaching everyone as a unique situation. This requires us to fully engage the individual in the recovery process to empower and cooperate to chart their course to optimal health.

What Do Professionals in Holistic Nutrition Do?

A Holistic Nutrition Professional can advise people or families on how to improve lifestyle, diet and attitude to help prevent disease and increase optimal health. They may work with healthcare providers that are licensed to help people diagnosed previously with illnesses that identify with biochemical imbalances that might contribute to poor health. These efforts are founded on holistic and evidence-based principles

Services typically Offered from Holistic Nutrition Professionals

-Diet and lifestyle evaluation

-Family Meal Prep

-Suggestions of improving daily life

-meal plans for improved weight, energy and mood

-Instruct classes on holistic and wellness nutrition

-Suggestion of managing stressors in life