It’s a day of excitement, glitter, signs, glorious outfits. It’s also a day of protest, of the continued fight against discrimination, exclusion and constant judgement. Everyone deserves to feel respected and safe. No one should ever feel afraid to express who they are and love someone else. That’s why Pride is still relevant and important in 2018. Pride is a time to celebrate the concept that #lovewins. We may not all be the same, and that’s perfectly and beautifully okay.

Pride is a tradition that goes back to the early 1970s, when cities hosted big events to commemorate the riots in stonewall and highlight on issues that LGBT and Americans still face.

What is pride? Pride is a celebration, act of political activism and protest. Nearly every city participates in this event. These events usually include a large parade with ample amounts of rainbows, iconic figures, glitter and floats driven by local organizations and businesses. Several cities celebrate with LGBT – centered events, ranging from dance parties and protests to poetry readings and full-blown drag shows.

Cities across the world share in the celebration of Pride. Ranging from Tokyo to Sydney to Rio de Janeiro – these cities recognize their own Pride months that fall various times throughout the year, June being the primary Pride month.