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With so many drug and alcohol centers in California, finding LGBTQ addiction treatment & substance abuse recovery resources may provide the key to sobriety…

Substance abuse problems among the LGBTQ community are estimated to be more than twice the nine percent rate in the general population. Although there are many addiction treatment facilities in Southern California, finding one that designs alcohol and drug addiction recovery resources especially for the LGBTQ may not be as prevalent.

The importance of going through treatment with others in the LGBTQ community is important for one to even begin to feel comfortable. In this day and age, there are so many different drug addiction programs offered throughout the country. Finding the right recovery program for you is essential. It’s hard enough to maintain long lasting sobriety, but there are also underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to do so.

“Internalized homophobia” is the psychological term for the way anti-gay stigma can dig deep, and problematic substance use only makes it worse. The use of drugs and alcohol provides temporary relief but then reinforces the self-loathing in the drug withdrawal period… leading to a worsening of self-esteem.

It wasn’t until 2000 that the federal government officially pronounced sexual orientation to be a major factor contributing to disparities in the health of Americans. (That US Department of Health and Human Services’ agenda paper was named “Healthy People 2010,” recently displaced by “Healthy People 2020”.) And it’s only now that large-scale, longer-term data is becoming available, in both the US and the UK. The best investigations into LGBTQ health so far have been in the area of HIV prevention and treatment, specifically among gay men, although that was a long time coming as well.

Rates of HIV infection, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and smoking among transgender and gender non-conforming people speak to the overwhelming need for…transgender-sensitive recovery programs. Finding a safe and comfortable recovery center that understands the needs of those who identify as LGBTQ can make the difference in your long-lasting sobriety.

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