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Lotus Place Recovery News is a means for providing relevant and helpful information regarding trauma and addiction, especially for the LGBTQ community. We strive to bring you updates and tips on sobriety and mental health. Our goal is to open the doors for you and your loved one to reach out to Lotus Place Recovery 24/7. Lotus Place Recovery News is our way of connecting with those who are seeking help and hope. We want to inspire, motivate and captivate those who are burdened with addiction and trauma.

Between our website, blog and recovery news, Lotus Place Recovery hopes you feel inclined to contact us with your questions and concerns. Our dedicated professionals are committed to excellence in addiction treatment. Lotus Place Recovery understands your situation is difficult and unique. As such, we believe in treating addiction, trauma and mental health on an individual basis. We have a non-judgmental environment that welcomes everyone seeking help and sobriety. Lotus Place Recovery is here for you when you are ready!

Lotus Place Recovery has been featured on the cover of The Fight magazine. Read more about how Lotus Place Recovery is a safe haven for fostering self acceptance among the LGBTQ community. Learn how the dedicated staff at Lotus Place Recovery offers excellence in care for those seeking trauma and addiction treatment.

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