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Meet the Staff at Lotus Place Recovery Center

Lotus Place Recovery is extremely proud to introduce you to our highly talented and dedicated staff! As an addiction treatment leader throughout Orange County and Southern California as a whole, we hold very near and dear the critical importance for providing top-tier clinical staff. Ultimately however, beyond expertise is the element of passion and dedication in that which they do each and every day. It is that spark that drives them in how they treat patients and families as they emerge from the depths of addiction and into a whole new freedom…


Lena Fancher | Founder & CEO

Lena Fancher is a Certified Drug an Alcohol Counselor, holding a certificate through CADACi and has worked in the field of recovery for the past six years. Lena started her career specializing in the operations of several prestigious treatment centers. She decided to return to school several years ago to increase her knowledge of addiction along with earning her certification. She has been a life long outdoor lover with expertise in snowboarding, surfing, mountain climbing, hiking. Lena implemented and developed a Wilderness Program to encompass her skills in both sports and addiction treatment. She is the founder and owner of Lotus Place Recovery. Lena brings exuberance and mindfulness along with her own personal experiences to help other people achieve sobriety as well as happiness in their lives through action.

Lena Fancher, Founder & CEO Lotus Place Recovery

Cindy Wofford | Admissions/Marketing Director

Cindy Wofford is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, holds a CADC-II and ICADC. Mrs. Wofford has 10 years in the field of Drug and Alcohol Treatment serving diverse populations.

Mrs. Wofford has extensive experience in Admission and Marketing, her experience started as a Case Manager at a drug and alcohol treatment center in Orange County, CA. From there Mrs. Wofford went on to work at a Non-profit facility in Santa Ana, CA, which population included State, County and Federal incoming clients. Mrs. Wofford also worked with the VA and Indian funded Tribes out of San Diego. From there, Mrs. Wofford worked for a 500 bed facility, she facilitated over 200 incoming clients a month.

Over the years, Mrs. Wofford has had the opportunity to work with very diverse populations and has experience with Insurance Policies, Admissions and Intakes, as well as Case management areas. Mrs. Wofford started as a Case Manager and has worked her way up, and over the past 6yrs has been an Admissions Director. She has been able to establish and maintain contact throughout the addiction community across the United States. Mrs. Wofford has impeccable reputation in the field of addiction with other partnering facilities in the Orange County area.

Mrs. Wofford’s drive and passion keeps her on her feet at all times. As she says, “addiction does not have a time”, and works diligently to help the struggling addict and/or alcoholic to find hope and long lasting sobriety. She truly helps each individual to find the best suited treatment center and continues to maintain contact with these individuals before,during and after treatment. “It is my honor and priviledge to know and serve this population.”

Cindy Wofford , Admissions/Marketing Director, Lotus Place Recovery
Alison Pallardy, Lotus Place Recovery

Alison Pallardy


Heidi Wells, LMFT #49085 | Clinical Director

Heidi Wells is the Clinical Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Lotus Place Recovery. Heidi brings expertise in the area of trauma, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, PTSD, mood and anxiety disorders. Heidi has worked with clients in a variety of treatment settings, including residential and intensive outpatient clinics, non-profit organizations, and private practice in Berkley, Oakland and Southern California. Heidi received her Masters in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2007 and has been working primarily with clients in the acute trauma and substance abuse population bringing a holistic and mindfulness approach to her practice while using a variety of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-based therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and relational therapy. Heidi is also certified in Expressive Art Therapy providing effective and unique non-verbal ways for clients to process underlying core issues and trauma. Heidi is a freelance painter and artist holding exhibitions in both San Francisco and Oakland. She is also a passionate writer and author of hundreds of articles focusing on issues related to positive mental health and relationships. Heidi believes we all have the capacity to heal and grow no matter what the circumstances are, and view healing as an international journey.

Heidi Wells LMFT Lotus Place Recovery
Sue Mannos, Lotus Place Recovery

Sue Mannos

Dann Buongiorno, Lotus Place Recovery

Dann Buongiorno


Jessica McDonald, Psy.D., PSY29854 | Group Facilitator

Dr. Jessica McDonald is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY29854) and Educator. She believes that treatment will cultivate an experience of being seen and understood in times of transition, disruption, or struggle. Dr. McDonald utilizes a variety of modalities to facilitate healing, including psychoanalytic approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, mentalization, and self-regulation principles. She works closely with patients to develop strengths and resiliency so that coping mechanisms and dependencies which no longer work can fall away.

Dr. McDonald received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a Doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School for Professional Psychology. Dr. McDonald also completed a formal 2-year Doctoral Fellowship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Wright Institute Los Angeles, focused on deepening her practice of analytic work. In addition to working with Lotus Place Recovery, Dr. McDonald maintains a private practice in Los Angeles.

Dr Jessica McDonald, Group Facilitator, Lotus Place Recovery

Paxton Dickerson | Group Facilitator

Paxton is a Group facilitator/Psych Educator and Therapeutic Personality. Paxton has been working in the field of recovery since 2001 and is cross-trained in multiple areas of addiction treatment. His background includes experience in a detoxification program, sober house management, counseling and as an Executive Director of an Orange County treatment center. Paxton boasts more than 100 informative psycho-education classes that he utilizes to help facilitate his clients in their recovery process. Paxton brings a wealth of energy and excitement to his career as well as his personal life, where he is a loving and devoted father of two beautiful daughters. He gratefully works his own recovery program since 2001. You may see Paxton in action by viewing his videos on YouTube or his website mechanicsofrecovery.com

Paxton Dickerson, Group Facilitator, Lotus Place Recovery

Su Abhyankar | Group Facilitator

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have 30 years of experience working with trauma, addictions and relationship issues. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing), Psychodrama and Sand tray therapy. I utilize Breath Work, Guided Imagery and Visualization techniques to build your inner strength to face life’s challenges.

Su Abhyankar, Group Facilitator, Lotus Place Recovery

Greyson Grimes | Group Facilitator

Greyson is a group facilitator specializing in music therapeutics. Greyson has taken his experiences with sobriety and music to create a curriculum the clients not only enjoy but heal and grow from. He uses music as a platform to talk about real life issues and challenges that might come up especially early in recovery. Some of the activities Greyson does with clients includes song interpretation, coping mechanisms through music and frequencies, song soaking, as well as creating and recording their own songs.

Greyson studied songwriting and musical composition in Australia. He has been part of many musical projects over the years including but not limited to; touring as the frontman of the band ‘Thatcher’ in Australia, writing the musical composition for the movie ‘Water Like Fire’ and writing songs for various artist.

Greyson has had so much success with his groups that he started an agency helping other group facilitators do what they love called Heartdly Heard.

Greyson Grimes, Group Facilitator, Lotus Place Recovery
Eric Duffner, Group Facilitator, Lotus Place Recovery

Eric Duffner


Ashleigh Lyons | Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for Lotus Place Recovery, Ashleigh brings several years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field and was instrumental to developing their operations team. In order to provide clients with the highest quality of care, Ashleigh and her team of Support Staff work together to create a safe environment conducive to recovery.

Having dealt with addiction herself, Ashleigh is passionate about taking an active role in helping others in the early stages of their sobriety. She is an enormous contribution to the Lotus Place Recovery staff and we consider ourselves fortunate in having her on our team.

Ashleigh Lyons, Director of Operations, Lotus Place Recovery
Cait Boies, Lotus Place Recovery

Cait Boies

Adrian deBrey, Lotus Place Recovery

Adrian deBrey

Sharon Byers, Lotus Place Recovery

Sharon Byers

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