What is the Critical Inner Voice?

It is a well-integrated pattern of detrimental thoughts about us and others around. Some know this as the “nagging voice” that creates an internalized dialogue which is commonly at the root of many of our self-destructive habits and maladaptive behavior.

How is this voice affecting us?

This inner voice is known as the internal enemy that affects every aspect of our life and it doesn’t skip over self-esteem and confidence, our relationships and daily accomplishments. Negative thoughts affect us in many negative health means one being that it undermines our positive feelings about ourselves and others around us and cultivates self-criticism, distrust, self-denial and addictions.

How can I conquer my critical inner voice?

The first step in conquering your critical inner voice is to become conscious of what it is telling you exactly. This will help you make the affirmative action to stop it from controlling your life. When identifying the factor, it is helpful to lock in your attention on when you’re suddenly slipping away into those bad moods or angered. These powerful negative slips in emotion are a result of your critical inner voice. Once the thought or idea is pinpointed, you can advocate and take control of it and consciously decide not to listen. You can then lead yourself to the action that benefits you in the best manner possible.


Criticism or feedback, especially when it is constructive offered by friends, family members, employers. It can appear much more sensitive.

Examples of common critical inner voices:

– You’ll never succeed

– You can’t trust people!

– Don’t be vulnerable! You’ll end up hurt

– Have another glass of wine, you’ve had a rough day.

– I’m so fat! I hate myself.