Trauma Treatment

Expressive Art Therapy

It takes a lot for the brain to deal with trauma. Whether because of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or the many adaptive behaviors that victims use instinctively in threatening situations, the traumatized brain is constantly on high- alert, particularly its lower regions, where survival instincts originate. Those who have spent many years avoiding their trauma with addictive substances and alcohol, often emerge into sobriety with unresolved trauma that can be overwhelming.

Trauma Treatment at Lotus Place Recovery in Orange County, CA

How Trauma Treatment Works

Trauma-focused therapy uses a range of techniques for the purpose of reducing the difficult feelings experienced by a trauma victim through a change in their thoughts, beliefs and behavior.

The principal techniques in trauma-focused therapy are:

  • Exposure
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Learning Methods for Emotional and Physical Adjustment

At Lotus Place Recovery each client receives weekly individual therapy sessions by our trauma specialist that is individualized and unique to the developmental ability and emotional stability of the client. In a safe and calm environment, clients are able to look at and address painful events from their past without shame or judgment while also gaining coping skills to work through them.

Trauma- Focused therapy is one of the many therapy modalities utilized at Lotus Place Recovery.

Art Therapy for Trauma at Lotus Place Recovery in Orange County, CA

Expressive Art Therapy

Heidi Wells, Clinical Director at LPR and Certified Expressive Art Therapist believes that the use of music, art and other creative activities help those struggling with trauma to have a means of expressing the effects of their trauma even after therapy ends.

Artistic activities like drawing, painting or sculpting clay can soothe those lower regions of the brain, which contribute to helping trauma victims calm down and release some of that mental tension. These evidence-informed therapies use creativity to raise victims’ awareness of their physical and mental states and build resilience and a sense of safety.

The experience of traumatic events can be difficult to express in words. Expressive arts therapy focused on trauma allows victims to deal with trauma in the same deeply emotional way that they experience it, which in turn prepares them to address it more fully.

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