Addiction & Trauma Treatment Schedule

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Catering to LGBTQIA

Addiction & Trauma Treatment Schedule at Lotus Place Recovery

Lotus Place Recovery provides a very unique and highly effective daily schedule for clients in any of our treatment programs. Whereas many drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers tend to create stringent daily schedules with little or no room for fluidity, we prefer to create a core treatment schedule that also offers some flexibility based on the patient’s individual and clinical needs.

Utilizing a PHP model approach toward the overall drug rehab process, ours is essentially an intensive outpatient treatment model (IOP) that also provides a structured and proactive residential housing environment. This means that clients are afforded the combination of benefits that are afforded in both, residential as well as outpatient treatment centers.

Lotus Place Recovery Treatment Schedule

The schedule below provides some insight into the overall scope of our daily treatment regimen, however, at times we may implement specific changes based on the needs of the clients. Realizing that the addiction treatment process must always be able to evolve based on patient needs, Lotus Place Recovery has found great success in creating a healthy and realistic balance between day to day uniformity and core scheduling flexibility.

Treatment Schedule at Lotus Place Recovery, Orange County, CA

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